What’s your attitude?

First off, Kyle Jacks here and welcome to the first blog of :"Warm Thoughts are Expensive."

So you know when everything you do effects everything else? If you’re in a good mood then everything seems to be going well and if you’re in a bad mood then…. Well, you know, life just keeps on kicking you in the gut. I’m reminded of the old faded 1980’s poster hanging in the guidance counselor’s office in High School that states “your altitude determines your attitude” CJB has been so busy lately that the band just stopped to take a very shallow breath Sunday evening and realized we were so busy running a band that we were not taking the time to have fun. Not that we were having a problem with anything, we just forgot it’s all about the FUN and not the business. 

This Saturday April 27th we are playing a show at the 36 Saloon in Rockville, our hometown, and we decided this is going to be the night we do nothing but have fun. Forget the business, forget the merch sales and forget trying to make every last person there happy because the best way for people to have fun is to see us having fun. Sometimes you have to remind yourself why you love doing what you do and for us it’s all about seeing the audience laughing, clapping and rocking out.

If you have not seen us perform live this year then you won’t believe the quality in our show. We take a lot of pride in every song we play weather it’s an original like “Say it Again” or a cover like “All the Small Things.” We have 5 new covers we’re unleashing on Saturday and one of them, I promise, is going to really raise the eye brows and then you‘ll want to dance. If you haven’t seen us yet this would be a great show to come to. We’re in our hometown so the energy will be through the roof and we can hang out after the show with you without that long drive home afterwards. We take stage at 10 to midnight and our friends Hype War Machine are playing from midnight to 2.

One more thing, we appreciate your help when you attend shows, buy CD’s and t-shirts. We can only go as far as fans like you allow us. As far as we’re concerned those that invest time in liking our band are just as important as those of us in the band. Thanks for making us what we are and keep supporting us, who knows, maybe some day we’ll make it big and you’ll be a part of that with us.


If you have any questions or comments please feel free to email us in the contact section of our sight.  If you'd like us to address any questions about our song lyrics or song choices for shows please feel free to ask.  I'd love to have reasons to keep posting on here.