And the crowd goes.... wild?

Kyle here again.

We played a show at the Thirty Six Saloon Saturday night in Rockville and what a great turn out.  We had that place PACKED, standing room only and no room to dance most of the night.  It was a great evening for us and from the sounds of it, for the people that came out to have fun with us.  We could not have asked for a better reception for a hometown show.  Thanks to all that came out and supported us.  Remember, we will be back there June 15th.

I was asked by someone, sorry can't remember who it was Saturday night, how we choose our song list of covers.  I thought it would be cool to just throw out our process on it.  It's pretty straight forward.  We tend to pick songs in the 90's era of rock because that's the style we most like.  I generally make a list of songs that I like from that era and bring it to the band.  The members of the band do the same thing and we start agreeing on what songs would be most fun and practical to cover.  We like to pick songs that people recognize and had a lot of radio play in the past.  If we choose an obscure song, like "Metalingus" by Alter Bridge that people don't really know, it's because we love that song so much that we can't pass on it even if it isn't recognizable by our audience.  It's one of those songs we play for us and not so much the crowd.

When choosing songs we try to listen to our fans.  If someone says, "hey have you guys ever thought to cover Man in the Box by Alice in Chains," we consider how effective a song like that would be and how easy it would be to pull it off and perform it correctly.  We never take on songs that are out of our talent range.  Now take a song like "Man in the Box."  We ask first if we believe in that song, is it something we would enjoy performing and can we "sell" it to the audience.  Second we look to see what the tuning is and is it something we can play live with the instruments we have on hand, do we have to take time to re-tune on the fly, do we need more equipment to play the song like a synth pad or special drum?.  Last we look at popularity of the song.  This particular song has been covered by every single cover band that plays 90's style rock.  Is it something that we can pull off that will separate us from the other 1000 bands that have done it in the past?  Now in this case we do not cover this song.  It's just overplayed in our minds even though we feel it's a great song.  We just don't know how we could do it different so people remember it.  That doesn't mean we won't ever cover it but for now, we have left that song on the table.

We're always looking for songs and alternate arrangements for existing songs such as Ice Ice Baby.  Never hesitate to email us your ideas.

If you have any more questions or topics you want me to talk about shoot us an email at