Practice Vs. Performance/Concert Vs. Recital

So Saturday night from 9 - 11 we played at the 4th Quarter in Terre Haute.  We hadn't played that early yet this year for a "bar" venue.  It was cool to get done early enough to get some sleep to enjoy Mother's Day the next day but we learned something very interesting.  People just don't come out at 9!!!!  It didn't help that 95.9 got the time a little wrong and said we were playing an hour later than we actually were but that aside, it was a little sparse starting out and we just aren't used to that.

We found out something about our band though.  We still started on time with family and very close friends there but as the night went on and the crowd, quite literally  showed up all at once at 10, we put on our game faces.  We rocked our butts off!!!  What a great time.  Our performances are solely based on crowds though.  It's something we've always tried to overcome and I've heard other bands having the same difficulty summoning the energy to play for a handful of people or a dead crowd but we did it anyway!

Which brings me to my next thing.  I say this very light hearted and thank goodness most of our shows don't go like this but..... If the crowd is sitting down, it's a recital.  If the crowd is standing up it's a concert.  WE LOVE CONCERTS!!!!  That's why we work so hard to get you on your feet and having as much fun with us as we do with you.

Thanks again for a great night at the 4th Quarter and make sure you come out and see us on May 17th at the Crossroads Drag-way   The race starts early evening and we play from 9 - midnight so it's going to be a great time and all ages are welcome.