I love being close to home

This weekend, June 15th 2013, we are playing again at the Thirty-Six Saloon in Rockville IN.  It's a few miles from where we live and it's a great time with great people.  I love those shows where you can spend less time traveling and more time interacting with people before and after the shows.  Our name is finally getting out there in the spotlight and it's time to come see us if you have not not and find out why we're being talked about. 

This weekend we are adding an entire hour of new songs to our set list.  What this means for us is a fun break from some of those songs we've played since the beginning and a chance to really be on our game so we don't mess up new songs we are trying out on a crowd.  This show promises to have some very interesting surprises in store and we're both excited and nervous as a band trying out new things so we can't wait to see how it goes over with the fans. 

Be sure to come check us out.  NO COVER!!! We play from 8-midnight outside and it's going to be a night to remember.  After all, we've been asked to cover so many songs over the past few years that we're finally listening to you, the fans.  Come see what we have in store and maybe we'll do THE song you asked us to cover.

Check out more on the show on facebook under chinesejailbreak.