"I'm coming home, down Rockville Road"

Saturday, at a local venue, we unveiled a new song that we had written month ago but never finished.  We gave the song to Kyle Bose (drummer) and Nate Eslinger (bass) to write their parts on.  It's fantastic how far our band has come when those two guys get a song and completely mind meld each other and come up with a riff and rhythm that's completely amazing.  The rhythm section of our band is quite unique.  It makes me, as a singer, challenge myself by coming up with new ways to deliver lyrics to asynchronous beats and off timed snare hits.

The new song we have unleashed on the world is "Blacklight Survival."  It's a post-apocalyptic song speaking about acid rain, loss of government and the hurt mankind will suffer in the end days.  It was originally intended as a movie trailer song and I still have the desire to see it realized in that capacity.  We have all preliminary copyright finished and now move on to recording and mastering so we can put it out there for the movie industry to browse.  

Keep an eye on our YouTube channel under Chinese JailBreak for a sneak peak of this song played at a live venue.